Start of the Annual Holiday Anxiety Season
Eating and Sleeping

While waiting for the σουπερ boy's bus

somewhere on the eastern Peloponnese


The above photo is a view somewhere on the eastern Peloponnese taken last March while I was in Greece with 9 students from my college. We are not going this year: Long story short, ran out of money -- sure you've never heard that as a reason for anything before. I think about the three trips I was lucky to take students on in 2009, 2010 and earlier this year with much fondness; I still can't believe we went on them.  Those trips have completely changed, energized, revolutionized my teaching. As much as I miss going -- most of all to see friends -- there is also a feeling of relief. While Charlie, supported by Jim and my parents, has coped admirably, I can do without causing us all a lot of anxiety and all the more so as I seem to mention anxiety, and allaying Charlie's, about every other post of late.

Monday afternoon right before he got on the school bus was tough and there was a coda at home that resulted in me having to do a bit of laundry after diet Coke flew. But the behavior storm was, carbonated beverage on some wall and rug aside, not nearly as messy as many we three have weathered. Charlie's Tuesday started with him happy in the front yard waiting for the bus with Jim and having such a good day at school that his teacher wrote a three-word note. It has continued to be unseasonably warm and wettish -- it is pouring right now -- and perhaps that was one reason Charlie, good day and all, did not sleep Saturday till past midnight.

He woke this Wednesday morning at 3 and took care of business if you know what I mean and then went right back to bed -- something we thought we'd have to teach him to do -- and was, despite not a lot of sleep, up and waiting for the bus at 7am. His teacher calls me around 2 - 3 pm if something has gone awry but no call yet today so I think things went all right.

Jim and I have been thinking about how Charlie's well-being is so very interwoven with the steady flow of things with three of us. I thought of this as I spent the morning in my very quiet office catching up -- that 'fall break' Charlie had at home went well but am I behind -- I engrossed myself in answering aging emails, sending off law school and grad school recommendations, explaining for the dozenth time to a student who wandered in that he could find the office hours for the business law professor in the hallway, and getting a text from Jim that he'd finished writing an evaluation for a colleague who is Greek.

Just say he's καλυτερος και σουπερ, I said. Jim said, I'll show him that later -- Jim hasn't yet learned the Greek alphabet! But he is always saying we have the bestest boy and a super one too.

And with our σουπερ boy making his way in the world, there'll be a Greece trip again some year. Σουπερ it will be.



I will miss you visiting too! Also a big shame for the students as for some it was surely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hard to believe you are going from a week off due to snow to thanksgiving hols, and now the weather is warmer and wet! Plus a new class for Charlie this year. Next thing you know Christmas will be upon us, where does the time go...

Kristina Chew

I have most of the students who went last year in classes and we keep talking about the trip! The students definitely don't forget it.

I did some online shopping last weekend with a view to the holidays... here comes 2012!

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