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Do You Brake For Yellow School Buses?

Even when stuck in non-moving Pulaski Skyway traffic, you see what's always on my mind


Generally, when I see a yellow school bus, I instinctually slow down a little and look around, try to sneak a glance in the bus. You never know, it could be Charlie's.

As he was getting on his bus Monday morning, at least car slowed and then sped by, in blatant disregard of the STOP sign that unfolded from the bus. Charlie is very unlikely to run in the street but that doesn't mean people need to drive by at 30, 40 miles an hour.

It was an unusual day. Charlie was alternatively gleeful and then not and, at the end of the day, got a table-flipping urge.

He was mostly quiet at home, eager to eat dinner, repeating my telling him 'Dad's on his way home.' Then out of the blue Charlie, having lined up three car keys in the usual way, said 'I want key, black key.'

He didn't know more how to ask what he wanted and I wasn't sure what it might be. I showed him various keys: All were met with no. Then Charlie scooped up his things and went to get ready for bed.

After a half-hour, I heard the very familiar dialogue of an often-watched Barney video about getting ready for bed etc.. I heard the various segments of the video pass and the adds for Actimates and other videos at the end. It was 7.30pm and I went to turn off Charlie's light.

Very sound asleep he was.

The better to get up bright and (possibly extremely) early to wait for his yellow school bus.




Is it not illegal to go around school buses if they have stopped and the lights are flashing??

The "little" buses must pull into driveways since they do not have the lights but the big yellow ones you must stop.

There are those that don't... but people tend to rat them out to the police if an accident has not happened. Unfortunately, quite often one does.

Life Skills Teacher

The little ones (that looks like cars or vans and pull into driveways as the previous commenter noted) are required by law to have the same lights and stop signs (frequently painted on) as the big ones, and it is just as illegal to pass them when their lights are on as it is the big ones.

Kristina Chew

Yes, they are _supposed_ legally to stop. Which does not, of course, mean that everyone obeys the law --

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