Thursday and Friday Morning
Charlie Explains Himself

Good Friday

Blue bike boy (not quite sure why it turned out like this; perhaps the blue lights from the neighbor across the street)

After a less than fortuitous start, Friday was a pleasant day. Jim drove to to Charlie's school for a special pancake breakfast (I had to give final exams) and visited with numerous teaches, therapists and aides. We went to the doctor after Jim had picked up Charlie from school and Charlie waited 40 minutes in a very crowded and small waiting room and the nurse practitioner, after examining his face carefully and suggesting a cream for acne, noted how well he's doing. Then came (of course) a bike ride and the day wrapped up quietly at home.

Hoping for fewer fireworks in the morning on Satuday.




Love this photo. 40 min in a crowded waiting room would have done me in.

Kristina Chew

Thanks about the photo, I'm not quite sure how it happened!

No one was happy in that waiting room. I had called in the morning for an appointment and got put on hold about a dozen times because so many calls kept coming in and the nurse said, we are just really full up. But then they gave us a late appointment (I couldn't get off before 2.30 from work) and Charlie had his usual nurse practitioner for it. So the waiting room wait was _more_ than worth it.

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