Do You Brake For Yellow School Buses?
In Which Charlie and I Have a Nightmare Before Xmas Experience

'Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard / Are sweeter'

Ceremonial prebike handshake

It's blurry, but can your see that Charlie is smiling in this photo?

He woke up at midnight on Monday night.

And he went back to bed.

And he stayed in bed.

And slept until 5am.

Smiling onto the bus and a great day at school.

After a bike ride (it was almost 50 degrees here, great for bike riding in the almost-winter, bad as it seems more signs of global warning), Charlie into the house and said 'Gong Gong Po Po.' Yes, my parents arrive tomorrow -- which is today, Wednesday -- for the holidays. This usually means a bout of grandparent anxiety, but maybe that had something to do with behavior storms last week.

Having slept so much the night before, Charlie had a harder time going to sleep on Tuesday. He and I went for a walk, he ran around the house, used his iPad in his room, ran more around the house, came downstairs.

I stopped into his room to see how much of a charge his iPad battery had and saw that he had put a favorite photo on the iPad screen. In it, Charlie is wearing an orange t-shirt and hopping out of his bed, on which are placed Barney and Alphabert, in a wonderful ocean front beach house where we rented a place for two summers before it was torn down to make way for mega-beach-house monstrosity.

No wonder Charlie had been playing a bit of the Beach Boys earlier in the evening.



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