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ὃς μάλα πολλὰ πλάγχθη: We've Got the IEP Down -- Now For the New Frontier, Adulthood

A bit of a bird's eye view of Dr Chew's desk


I'm sitting here all day, that is, until Charlie's bus pulls up around 3.45pm (I can see it from the window). The two red books contain Homer's Odyssey and were bought and read when I was a sophomore in college. Under them is my Homeric Greek lexicon, purchased while I was in high school from the book store of the University of California at Berkeley.

We all have the same cough 'n' cold. Maybe because this ailment is less taxing (and lethal) than that nasty stomach illness Charlie (and Jim) endure in December, Charlie has still be doing well at school. On Wednesday, waiting for Jim to come home from teaching all day was far less difficult than waiting for Jim to come home from going to Boston and the evening passed with brownie-making and two walks. Charlie fell asleep with Disney blaring on his iPad -- we left it on, as he's woken up when we turned it off before. (He was sleeping with his hands over his ears, as he often does.)

I just got off the phone with New Jersey's Division of Developmental Disabilities. Due to us moving back and forth between towns and counties, 'things got confusing' and we were so focused on his school and home needs that I let the DDD portion of things slip. At Charlie's IEP, Charlie's school case manager fulsomely reminded us that Charlie has no more services from the school district as of the month after his 21st birthday. We will then have to turn to / rely on / make millions of phone calls to the DDD.

I made it my goal this week to get things with the DDD back in order and after a few rounds of voice mail tag and accidentally calling the wrong person, I spoke to 'an actual person' instead of a voice mail message; was told that, three years before Charlie's school services end, is when he'll get assigned a DDD case manager; contacted the Division of Disability Services to get some information (another live person!); started looking up the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation -- the first DDD person told me that, following graduation (yes, it's on the horizon), they will see if Charlie can handle some sort of job with a job coach and if not, we/they will have to find him a day program.

Probably because I have had MUST FIND A JOB FOR CHARLIE BECAUSE HE WILL MISS SCHOOL SO MUCH since the IEP meeting last Friday, a Care2 post about Chinese workers making $8 per iPad became a disability employment post.

The above concern probably also has something to do with the fact that I have memorized the first 10 lines of the Odyssey and have been reciting them to myself and out loud in the car (when I'm driving by myself) regularly.

Charlie's IEP last Friday was indeed productive, honest, informative, concise. Only 5 people -- Jim and me, Charlie's teacher, Charlie's school case manager, the BAC's principal -- were there. We have had many 'exciting' IEP meetings in the past. Just when you've got one thing mastered, time for the big wide world -- the even longer odyssey -- of adulthood.




So many large issues looming on the horizon. I tell myself it is many years away, but I see how quickly time flies. Thank you for this reminder that there are other longer-term planning needs to attend to sooner rather than later.

Hoping you are all feeling somewhat healthier these days? We are passing it back and forth in our house, too. Yuck.

Bonnie Sayers

Here they do the ITP at age 14 instead of federal age of 16. No therapists were at the IEP?

Matt is in ROTC and drawing as his elective. His adaptive PE goes on fridays to other High schools to play basketball with the other Special ed classes.

His CBI class - community based instruction goes on weekly trips taking bus and subway and have been going to some fun places.

I am going to try special olympics in another year or two, they have something similar at school two days a week, just need that toilet training to be mastered, and no ABA for three weeks now due to funding issues.

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