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4 Very Good Days

Afternoon of Presidents Day holiday

Despite the abrupt start to Charlie's 4-day weekend (due to me thinking it was only a 3-day weekend), this was Charlie's best-ever-yet long weekend.

Usually I have a feeling of dread about any time Charlie has a holiday off from school and his being sick only added to the worry. But despite him coughing some in the day and in spurts at night in his sleep, and despite both of us coughing in fits and manifesting other signs of sickness, Charlie was peaceful-easy even-keel throughout the entire four days, including on the long trip back up the Garden State Parkway from the beach on Sunday.

We did take pains to keep our end of the peaceful-easy. One thing we always have to be careful of is talking, and talking too much, about people and topics (politics) that Charlie does not know so much about, in the car. Too often we can get a bit carried away and Charlie, understandably, gets irked, especially if there is any sense of conflict or contention in what we are talking about. I'm not at all sure how much of the conversation's content he grasps; I have thought that Charlie perhaps thinks he might be the subject of the conflict or contention and up goes his anxiety.

Charlie himself elected to stay 'local' on Monday, asking for a neighborhood bike ride after waking at 9; wanting, really wanting, a burrito -- we were wary as we've gotten him one a lot over the past few days, but it has been a holiday -- and so we did get him one; then afterwards handing me the Greek archaeology textbook I had left on the old blue couch, curling up and napping while Jim graded papers and I did some writing. On waking around 4, Charlie was ready for a second bike ride. The day finished off unremarkably with our usual walk, iPad time, poking around in the refrigerator and cabinets and munching. Despite the nap, Charlie was asleep by 10pm.

A quiet triumph, this long weekend was.




Yay! Congratulations on a peaceful weekend.

Melanie Harper

Quiet triumphs are a great thing. Congrats :)

Brenda (mamabegood)

I don't know about Charlie, but for my son, just the sound of conversation between two people is too much. It's his auditory processing - he can't keep up with what we're saying, so he gets frustrated. Just wrote about this on my blog Friday. Small worlds. ;)

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