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A little morning run


(The title is a random-ish reference to a writer I'm very fond of.)

As we have the Cold That Won't Go Away, we have all been coughing. Usually this is a problem as the sound of coughing is irksome to Charlie's sensitive hearing and, in the past, many I time I have run to the basement, or even the backyard, rather than have a very distressed Charlie.

This round of illness, he has been putting his hands to his hears and wincing a bit, but that is it.

Because he's simply handling loud noises that grate on his nerves and nervous system better? Maybe because he has been coughing plenty himself? ('You're coughy!' I said to him the other day. 'Cough-y' said Charlie).

Sometimes when he sees that I'm about to cough, he has been putting his hands over his ears in anticipation. And when I was driving Charlie around on Wednesday afternoon and felt a coughing fit coming on, I was relieved that I had stowed a water bottle in the passenger door pocket. 




Oh Kristina I do wish your family well!


I wondered how Charlie was handling the sound of coughing. One of my former students tried to attack his mother every time she sneezed or coughed. It must be awful having to dash into the basement or the backyard every time you feel a cough coming on.
Maybe this illness will desensitize him to the sound of coughing.


Us too! It's a bad flu and a stubborn cough. Hope you both get better soon. hack hack.

Kristina Chew

Hack hack is right!

Hoping we all get better soon.

I've been impressed with how Charlie has been handling the constant noise. Hoping it'll finally end soon!

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