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Charlie Said He Wanted the Ocean, So...

What Every School Needs

Obviously, Charlie would have liked to try this inflated slide on steroids


The student government at my college brought in this mega-inflatable slide. I was raising my eyebrows (ah, so many other ways to spend those funds...) until, walking to my car to Charlie's IEP meeting after teaching my Friday classes, I ran into a student. He was looking at the giant slide (complete with plastic pine trees) and I don't think I'd ever seen him look so happy. I couldn't help but to admire the slide with him. There was to be an ice-skating rink, too -- it hadn't yet been brought into my college's small central square -- my student was on the lookout for it and said, 'it's going to be awesome.' He asked if I were going to stay around to skate and I said I had to go to a meeting for Charlie and to be sure to take photos of the rink for me.

'Ice skating! I'm doing it!' said my student before heading into a classroom building.

He's just 4, maybe 5 years older than Charlie. Just having fun should always be part of the curriculum, don't you think?



Bonnie Sayers

looks like fun. I have been spending time looking over courses at community colleges for Nick. We've been to some fun sites learning about the jobs in his interested field.

Next up is preparing for SATs. I need to get him into some internships and/or volunteering. A new PETA office opened up in our town, so that might be his spot.

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