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Teletubbies and Jimi Hendrix, All In One Post

Consternation: what is dad doing to my bike?

Sunday is always an anticipatory day for Charlie as he readies himself for Monday and the return to school. Charlie being Charlie, the anticipating starts about 18 hours before the actual event, i.e., 7.30am Monday when the bus arrives. He calls for his meals early (dinner becomes more like mid-afternoon snack), as if doing so will speed up the day and pouf, it will already be time to get onto that bus.

He slept in a little (past 8am) Sunday morning. Keeping in mind his weepiness in the car Saturday morning, we decided to 'stay local,' at home.

Charlie didn't object. There was a morning bike ride, fast and strong, though he was edgy on returning home and until after lunch. He spent a good hour wandering around the house, standing, staring and making curious (and distinctively Charlie) noises.

By the latter part of the afternoon and after a run-walk, Charlie was far more at ease and ready for a long bike ride of 11 miles on a course he and Jim had not done since the fall, on a bike path that starts in our town and takes them past a golf course in another town and, somehow (I guess they went quite off the path), beside the exit for the Garden State Parkway two towns over. Charlie wanted to keep going but Jim was not sure of the streets (and didn't want to call me should they end up in some unknown place and good thing because my Jersey driving skills are far better than they were when I came out here to college 25 some years ago but hardly at any sort of masterful level). So they came home.

After some dinner and a walk (that was more of a walk), Charlie headed up to his room. He asked me to help him type in the YouTube search box for some Teletubbies videos.

Then, until just before he went to sleep, the sounds of Jimi Hendrix (including a bit of an album I just added to Charlie's iPad, Axis Bold As Love) could be heard. Indeed, when I glanced in Charlie's room, he was stretched out with the iPad to his ear and Electric Ladyland blasting away.

How he is growing and growing up!


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