Something Very Sad
Post-Grandparents Processing

A Little Lag

Dad's home!


After slogging through several days with his cold, Charlie had a great day at school on Thursday. The temperature was in the 70s and he waited happily on the front lawn for Jim to come home for a bike ride.

He and I went on a walk after dinner whose pleasantness was jarred when I had two bouts of coughing and then he wanted to go to bed. As he was tucking himself in, he started crying and just seemed very sad -- it wasn't crying of the sort suggesting his stomach hurt or some such. Jim came upstairs but Charlie was inconsolable. We said, repeatedly, how we're "all here together." He did stop crying after a few minutes and fell asleep.

Lag after my parents leaving? My coughing on the walk? Sniffles on and off throughout the day, maybe from allergies -- perhaps Charlie is just feeling sick of being sick? Undeterminable teenage feelings?


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