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Jersey Spring Break, day ii (with great memories)

Daylight Saving Bedevilment

Getting a few groceries


Trust me, I never had strong feelings about Daylight Saving Time until Charlie starting having sleeping woes/3-day bouts of insomnia and supersensitive hearing such that a creak of our lovely wood staircase can wake him up.

While he certainly understands concepts of time like 'later' and '5 more minutes' vs. 'wait one hour' or 'Gong Gong and Po Po are coming back for your birthday,' telling time using a digital or analog clock has so far eluded Charlie. So explaining about 'spring forward' and 'fall back' makes little sense to him (and has led me to think that the whole business of turning clocks forward and back is pointless especially as now my phone and computer automatically update but the car, microwave and stove don't so crank crank crank but I am digressing).

Charlie handled the 'spring forward' an hour business fine on Sunday as he was in the middle of a bit of a disruptive sleep pattern anyways (thanks to the full moon and several days of lots of sleep due to getting over a cold). He was up at 6 or 7 on Sunday and then went to sleep by 9 or 10. Monday morning he got up at the last minute for the bus at Jim's urging, and went on to have a great day and a nice afternoon, with a fast bike ride in 70 degree sunlight, a pleasant grocery store trip, and a walk with the sun still out. He had downed an entire box of crackers after a pack of sushi but still wanted a snack (lots of watermelon and a few more carbo-items). Then he asked, with a grin and sometimes with an intense look, for a burrito.

Charlie has been doing well with the food schedule, only occasionally asking for a burrito on days when he was not going to have one and being fine about 'whatever.' Monday he was noticeably more obsessive in asking. Indeed, he went up to bed before 8 and called downstairs for a burrito -- Jim and I said he was doing great being flexible, we had chicken tonight, of course we would go this week but later -- and then fell asleep.

He awoke around 9.30 and the first words from his mouth were for that burrito. We responded the same as we had been; Charlie came downstairs and hung around making his burrito request, grinning a bit more especially when I said 'you're joking!'. He yawned and Jim quietly speculated that the time changes were behind not only Charlie on and off sleeping, but that obsessive burrito asking.

As if, something must feel out of whack to Charlie and he is trying to restore a little order to things?

Charlie was back asleep after 11pm.




I like Charlie's sense of humour, Dimitri's is similar. He also wakes up thinking about food - chocolate croissants!

Patricia Wright

When I was teaching I used to say that time was one of the most difficult concepts to explain/teach. Why when the hand points to an 11 is the "correct" answer either 55 after or 5 'til? Why is a quarter 25cents when discussing money and a quarter past in time is when the hand points at the 3 and a quarter of is when it points at the 9? Oh - it so doesn't make sense. And this doesn't even begin to address the concept of Daylight Savings Time. Time is indeed rife with confusion.

Kristina Chew

@Patricia, I confess to getting confused myself about losing or adding hours....

@Emma, ha! One of the hotels we were at last year (I think it was in Nafplion) had those croissants at breakfast -- had to take one and think of Dimitri (my students were wary of the croissants, though).

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