Spring Break Day iv Date Lunch
Feeling the Music

Exploits, Small in Scale

Because someone else should do the carrying


It only occurred to me after he had gone to sleep, but Charlie did not say 'burrito' once on Friday, after perseverating hard about that food item all week.

It has been a good week for him, with good, great and even 'awesome' days at school, fast-paced bike rides and, except on Thursday, evening walks with Jim and me trailing behind (for some reason, Charlie did not ask for any walk on Thursday) and especially Friday night as Charlie, quite recovered from the February cough cold, ran for about 70% of the time.

Friday we made another grocery store excursion. Charlie got some sushi and said 'crackers' and, after I had said, 'sure,' went to get the red box. (Hmm, does he like them so much in part because of the red box?) This store has for some reason decided to set the crackers above the ice cream case meaning that I usually have to stand on said case or go find some clerk to help me nab a box. Charlie, of course, does not have that problem: He just stretches out an arm.

Jim spent this last weekday of our spring breaks sticking branches that had fallen off the trees in our yard into the back of the black car and driving them to the town recycling center, and grading some of the 100+ essays his students submitted as the break started. I made a first inroad on a project due in June (no time like the present, carpe diem and all that), gloried in the fact that I had finally completed all the forms for Charlie's summer camp application (which Jim duly went to mail), and read a book. And decided it was high time to start memorizing some of the Iliad too,

... Διὸς δ᾽ ἐτελείετο βουλή,

'and the will of Zeus was fulfilled,'

so to speak a bit loftily about our small adventures.



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