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Monday night I wrote an archaeology midterm and selected 6 images of ancient architecture and pottery for students to identify, and, as Charlie had done a few hours earlier, simply conked out. We are all indubitably better, at last coughing less (it was a over a week of coughs) though not quite out of the woods (cold) yet.

As Jim told me (I was already headed to work), Charlie said an unceremonious good-bye to my parents Tuesday morning before boarding the bus. It was a very good visit. With everything going on, my parents were in good spirits and Charlie spent his share of time just hanging around the house, watching my mom cook, listening to the different sounds with more people in the house (he likes to imitate my dad's coughs and throat-clearing but that just came naturally this visit, you could say). We'll see my parents again in May for Charlie's birthday (he will be 15) (!!).

Charlie was quiet getting off the bus and, after checking around the house to make sure things were where they should be (he has lately developed a fixation on making sure he knows where all of the black plastic spoons and white plastic forks are), wanted a bike ride. We made a trip to get some groceries afterwards during which Charlie spied a box of crackers we hadn't bought in a while. He opened it in the car and started munching away and Jim and I appreciated a few ourselves.

As for the archaeology midterm: The best part turned out to be the images as I felt that teaching students to look with care at a piece of ancient pottery to determine whether it was Minoan, Mycenean, Protogeometric or Geometric was all about them learning to look at things differently and use different senses and skills than they are routinely asked to in this digital day and age.

(It's something that more than a few of us have indeed sought to devote ourselves to do these past several years.)


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