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Spring Break Day iv Date Lunch

Date lunch

Jim and I had lunch Thursday at a hamburger stand we used often to eat at with Charlie. For whatever reason -- noise, smells, his changing eating habits -- he says a definite 'no' now when we ask about going. But we still wanted the grilled cheese and chicken parm; a nice unhealthy lunch it was.

Charlie hadn't gone to sleep Wednesday night till 2am, if not later. After mid-70s and up temperatures, the weather turned cold and damp, so yellow jackets were in order for a bike ride and Charlie's green parka for an evening walk. I think he has been looking a bit wistful at not having to wear these this week, somewhat (perhaps) the way I miss wearing wool cardigans in the summer (though I do find ways to wear them -- air conditioning and all that -- and a sweater is not a parka).

Thursday would have been our last day in Greece had we gone, and it would have been spent in Athens, visiting the Acropolis, the wonderful new Acropolis museum, roaming around the streets a last time, and visiting with my friend Emma.

While there is no question that I miss going (I know I have mentioned it several times), I have to say, Charlie has been a content and often-smiling child not just this past week, but in the time before. He got up groggily but on time for the bus, had a fine day, waited very patiently while I changed the music on his iPad. Some stomach distress has not (so far) seemed overly to bother him. I've been reading about Homer, and reading Homer himself.

And that grilled cheese was really good.



Well, I will be hoping the economy improves and that you will be able to bring your students to Greece again soon! I took Dimitri to the Acropolis museum, he liked the food and the free wi-fi :). Great to hear you all had a good week!

Kristina Chew

Dimitri knows what's good!

I could never take Charlie in there. Last went to a museum (the Met in New York) quite a few years ago..... One of those moments when I felt indeed like 'mom dragging child to see Art.'

Hope everyone's economy improves. Would have been spending the entire day on the airplane back today!

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