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27 Miles (Literally & Otherwise)

We just love our boy so much


Sunday morning, Jim and Charlie biked 11 miles with an uphill start in Jersey horse country under a gray sky. In the afternoon, they did 16 more only this time, the gray sky became a steady rain. They were past the half-ride mark and Jim did some improvising so they wouldn't have to walk their bikes over the old iron (and not terribly wide) bridge.

Also this weekend, I finally got myself to write reviews of some books by parents of autistic children.

I'm ready to sit on the couch and read a book (not about autism, though).

Charlie himself is still up as the clock turns past midnight.



Did we get the same books? Can't wait to read your reviews. I also yearn to read a non autism book. Maybe we need to blog about the non autism books we are reading too. ;)

Kristina Chew

I'd like to know what you think about Stuart Murray's Autism book! And we just got Understanding Autism by Chloe Silverman.

One book I didn't mention is By The Iowa Sea -- Jim's read it --

All of my non-autism books are about Greek poetry, art and history at the moment! A good contrast J

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