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A Horse Rider, A Pit Bull and the Wrong Kind of Chow Fun

He said 'smile' while I took this


Despite three unsettling events on Sunday, Charlie kept his cool (though a little lag is always possible).

On the bike path in Jersey horse country on a beautiful sunny day, while pedaling at a slow speed, a woman on a fractious horse chastised Charlie to 'slow down!'. Charlie was in tears when Jim caught up to him after offering some no nonsense wprds to the rider and her entourage. Charlie was somber at the ride's end but nothing stops him from pedaling steadily on the trail.

On the return leg of a 12-mile ride at home, Charlie averted riding into a pit bull whose 14-year-old owner had chanced to look the other way. The dog was not on a leash and Charlie was able to swerve his bike away just in time (or his bike tire would have run over the pit bull's, um, neck). 'So call it a very good day,' Jim texted me.


To celebrate Charlie's Chinese birthday (4TH MONTH, DAY 9 = APRIL 29, as my parents emailed me on Sunday morning), we thought we'd get Charlie some chow fun aka 'brown noodles.' I called in two orders only to make the mistake of asking for the 'sauced' version instead of the 'dry' one, and to realize my error when we got the food and  I saw separate containers for the sauce and the wide white rice noodles: Charlie likes them mixed together and pan-fried. 

He poked at the contents of the containers and handed them back to me in the car. The thought came into my head to go to another Chinese restaurant that has the brown noodles too, but that is farther away. I suggested, maybe we could go tomorrow?

'Tomorrow,' said Charlie.

He is grasping this concept and what it entails far better, I would say. Just a short time ago, saying we'd do something 'tomorrow' was tantamount to having to do it 'today' and 'right now.'

Charlie sat quietly in the car listening to his iPad. At home, he poked a little more at the noodles and tried some lo mein that was pan-friend. But he really likes the chow fun best.

I drew on my secret store of Chinese sausage and quickly cooked some with white rice and  Charlie ate this (well, mostly the sausage, lop cheung) and a bunch of apples and a few frozen fries after a brisk walk (and a 56 mile weekend on the bikes).

Then he went to bed with some Disney music -- lately he seems to like Annette Funicello singing classics like 'My Little Grass Shack' and 'Beach Party Tonight' -- playing and was sound asleep around 10.30pm.




My daughter and I both own horses and we have had some annoying and potentially dangerous encounters with motorists, motorcyclists and teenage boys on bike, all of whom seem to find it amusing to zoom past and try and startle the horses.
One particular troglodite on a mountain bike who gave a war whoop and charged at us sulked that he "just wanted to see it (my horse) rear up" after I gave him what for.
Even the most placid horse can be spooked by these encounters and getting thrown hurts! Plus I don't want my horse running away and getting injured.
I am not excusing the woman for speaking the way she did to Charlie but after repeated unpleasant encounters with teens on riding trails one becomes a bit tense when a kid on a bike is coming at one fast and furious. I doubt she knew Charlie has autism; he probably just seemed like one more obnoxious kid on a bike.

Kristina Chew

Charlie's encountered quite a few horses on the trail, usually Clydesdales, and all has been peaceable. This horse was a thoroughbred and, besides its rider, there were two additional people accompanying them. Always good for Charlie to learn to get through all of these situations!

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