The Storm Passed and the Sea Calmed
Almost Pulling the All-nighter

Another Reason I Am Not Happy About Global Warming

A duo

It was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit here today and Jim and I were determined to get Charlie not to wear his sweatshirt for the sake of, well, not over-heating.

After several no's, forlorn looks at the sweatshirt in a heap on the floor, and general distress, we suggested foregoing the nylon skullcaps that he and Jim wear under their helmets.

Still tears and a look of 'this doesn't feel right!' after Charlie donned his helmet. We shook ourselves: How hard change is for Charlie, a boy of penchant tendencies. We praised him for 'just wearing your helmet!'

The teariness subsided once they started biking, a bit of a breeze blowing on them.

(Getting Charlie not to wear his sweatshirt has become a seasonal undertaking. I would prefer that global warming subside -- April is still sweatshirt armor time, in his book and therefore in ours.)


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