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Another Wednesday Has Come and Gone

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Wednesday has been decidedly unpopular around here as it's the day Jim teaches all day.

Meaning that (taking a more Charliesque view of things), it is the Day Without A Bike Ride.

Happily, with the spring semester almost over, there remains but one more Wednesday, next week's. I was feeling wary after last week's book throwing and fit of soda dumping. That Wednesday had begun with Charlie in smiles and so did this one: Would these remain?

For the most part, yes. There were two walks without too much running, in very pleasant cool spring weather. There was a moment of mild panic/worry when Charlie, around 8.30pm (about a half-hour after I had given him some melatonin), asked to go to the convenience store. This meant one thing: He wanted to get ice cream -- something we have been completely avoiding since realizing the very bad effect it has on his stomach and, subsequently, his head.

I talked about waiting for Jim to come home, maybe going tomorrow (but really, maybe not; Charlie being Charlie, going to the convenience store and getting vanilla ice cream are one and the same activities). Then I went to the kitchen as Charlie stood standing and thinking and whisked out a secretly concealed box of brownie mix.

We made those and I cut up some fruit and asked if he'd like the timer?

'Yes, timer,' said Charlie and ran upstairs to get his iPad.

He spent a good deal of the rest of the evening with iPad to ear, for over two hours. After 10.30pm we heard Jim's voice (he was on his cell phone) and I opened the door. 'Dad, dad!' said Charlie.

Once Jim stepped inside Charlie insisted that he immediately take off his shoes and socks. Charlie arranged them neatly, then stood looking at his iPad. I figured the timer still had a few more minutes. But what would Charlie request once the timer went off?

I readied 'why it's too late to go out now' explanations. The timedrbuzzed.

'Bedtime,' said Charlie and went up to his room without any further ado.

He was asleep at midnight after some video watching.



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