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Jim checking the strap on Charlie's helmet

To the best of our knowledge, Charlie did not sleep at all on Saturday night. He listened to music, paced in his room and the hallway and up and down the stairs and was standing over me asking if he could get his socks when I, after repeated attempts to coax him to lie down and sleep, opened my eyes at 6.30am.

Apparently all that sleep on Saturday was enough for two days for him.

It was as well that we got us off to an early start as rain fell for most of Sunday (a very good thing as it has been weeks since it rained in New Jersey) and pretty much straight through the afternoon and evening.

Charlie asked to go out to Jersey horse country. To no one's surprised, Charlie dozed off in the car but he was ready to get on his bike after Jim had unloaded them. It was misty but not (really) raining and Jim suggested he and Charlie wear their lycra skullcaps, which they had stopped wearing as of last Monday (when it was 90 degrees). Charlie was wary of the change from the change and then Jim realized that his helmet must be too tight with the cap on and a readjustment was in order.

It wasn't raining at the start


They rode off and the rain came down, let up, came down harder.

Amid all this, and keeping an eye on my phone in case Jim wanted me to pick them up at an earlier point in the trail than the very end, I neglected to move Charlie's iPad. He likes to align it just so in the left-side back seat which is all very well except when it rains, as the window on that side is slightly out of line with the door frame. After we bought the car in October of 2009, Charlie had one ferocious behavior storm after another (it was a tougher than usual time of his life with lots of school strife) and struck his head repeatedly on the window. One very bad night, he broke the window.

He survived that (we survived it though I think of it every time we are in the car which is to say, every single day).

The car door was fixed but the window has ever since leaked and so it was, on Sunday afternoon, that I saw a pool of water on Charlie's iPad. I hastily wiped it up and hoped for the best and then Charlie and Jim, both quite soaked, appeared after a triumphant 16 miles, beaming and glad to get into the car as the temperature was in the 40s.

They got a bit wet

Charlie handed me his iPad, saying 'turn on.' I saw that the SIM car was missing which I knew it wasn't. The internet had worked the night before but the rain water soaking, and possibly some of the whacking Charlie had subjected the iPad to on his bedroom wall, had taken their toll.

He did not object to hearing that he'd have to wait till he was home for me to 'fix it.' He stood expectantly and patiently beside me at home as I tried to get the iPad to work. A slight smack on the iPad's side briefly restored the SIM card to its place but then the extent of the water damage was apparent as apps turned on and off with abandon.

We are lucky to have another iPad and I set to work turning it into the replica of Charlie's now waterlogged on. This took quite a while and he waited, looking at me intently and reaching for his iPad. 'Give,' he said when I tried to get his iPad to work.

At last, the other iPad was loaded with his music and photos. I offered it to him and was told 'give' as Charlie reached for his old one, which he looked at with eyes widening in distress while I said to myself, motherhood failure day. Charlie took his old iPad up to his room and plugged it in. I put the new one on the floor and left Charlie staring at his iPad, which was rapidly flashing through various apps.

After fifteen minutes, he was asleep. The apps on the old iPad are arranged in a certain way and I took both iPads downstairs. I plugged the old one into my computer and its data showed up, unaffected. I took screenshots of each screen of apps and then set about making each app screen on the second iPad look just like that on the older one. I put the refurbished iPad on Charlie's bed and plugged it in, and the still screen-flickering-through-app-on-app older one beside it.

Thumps on the ceiling meant Charlie had awoken. After a few minutes, I heard him say, 'tickle Mom.' As I entered his room, he said 'give' and held out what turned out to be his old iPad to me.

After a special treat of Vietnamese spring and summer rolls and noodles, Charlie was glad to be home all evening (we were too, as the rain kept pouring down). He fell asleep listening to K.D. Lang's Ingénue, a recent addition to the music on his iPad.

Always good to be exonerated from a little mother guilt. And yes, I have a Genius Bar appointment on Monday early afternoon.



Brenda (mamabegood)

I'd call that motherhood determination!


Oh wow! Charlie did such a super job of dealing with what could have been a situation filled with anxiety!!! Also, I so envious of your bike path. As you know, we do quite a lot of biking but oh! to have a 16 mile bike path!!! That would be a real treat.


Motherhood #Win!

Kristina Chew

thank you, all!

the bike path is superb. no cars of course and a river and trees and wooden bridges. it's also possible to start at it on various points so you can bike different lengths -- well, hopefully you and your boys can ride on it someday, Christine!

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