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Sleeping In on a Saturday

Not his best at the start but far better after this ride


At 10am on Saturday, Charlie ran down the stairs to check in on Jim and me, and then promptly wrapped himself back in his blanket and slept until 2pm.

Two 12 mile long local bike rides (Jim revised his revised estimate of the distance); a great deal of eating reasonably healthy, non-greasy stuff; a lot of music sampling (with a good bit of the Pogues and a taste of K.D. Lang and the Skatalites): These filled out the day.

Charlie, on waking, had asked to go to Jersey horse country but he had that troubled look on his face and grabbed once at Jim, so we opted not to go. It was a decision for the better, as, on the first mile of the bike ride, Charlie stopped for so long that Jim called me. I drove hastily over, sighting Charlie's blue sweatshirt readily. After a few moments they were able to pedal on.

No idea when, if Charlie will sleep tonight after his long Friday/Saturday sleep. But at least he finally got some extended slumber time.


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