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Soundtrack to Saturday Morning (Reality Show Version)

Good morning


Charlie was up at 5am this Saturday morning. Actually, he may have been up since 2.30 am as I heard sounds from his room then; he'd gone to bed around 9pm and been soon asleep after a good day at school, a solid 12 miles of bike riding in cold spring weather, and a great deal of dinner.

He and I have already done a walk, I've gone jogging, he's consumed several apple slices, I've made coffee and I think I've heard about dancing with Henry the Octopus and Slim Dusty in the country where the atmosphere is great about three times, Noah building the arc once and K.D. Lang talking to herself and having great distress for her health at least twice. And now here's the business about tying me kangaroo down sport, a song Jim heard some time around 1963, when his family had just moved from Pittsburgh to Cheshire, Connecticut.

On the Wiggles version (the only one I know), Rolf Harris (who wrote the song) is himself singing. Charlie also had the song playing in the car last night and I asked Jim, ha, when you first heard this song did you ever thing you'd be hearing it about 50 years later under these circumstances?

Obviously, Jim said no. And he also said, he's very glad to be hearing it with Charlie.


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