The Things We Do To Mark The Time
You're Gonna See a Lot of Bike Riding Photos This Week

The 30-Something Day

They did all 16 miles of the bike path!


A first on Saturday: Jim and Charlie did all 16 miles of the Jersey horse country bike path. They are at the start in the photo above.

Then, after an excruciating wait for the green blanket on his bed to be washed and dried, Charlie called for a long ride at home, so they ended up biking about 30 miles.

He had woken around 6am and waited till I roused myself for a walk that was actually a walk, without any mad dash running.

Usually Charlie requests a second 'nightcap' walk to finish off the day, but those 30-something miles must have been sufficient because Saturday night -- both surprisingly and not so surprisingly -- he did not. 



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