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Since Jim and Charlie started doing their long (11 1/2 mile) local bike rides (Jim remeasured the distance), they have been in the vicinity of a hamburger stand we used to frequent when Charlie was little. We had stopped going there years ago (not soon after Charlie threw a plate of fries) and he had adamantly said 'no!' about returning. But they first went the Monday of Spring Break and then last Sunday (after Saturday's storm) he had asked and enjoyed his burger on the metal counter outside after dousing a plate of fries with ketchup and not eating them.

Friday he and Jim stopped there on their bike ride. Charlie had thrown his water bottle at school and broken it though had an otherwise good day. He smiled on the bike ride and went up to his room afterwards.

When he came down about 45 minutes later he had a certain glazed, affect-less look on his face and hovered around me as I cut up a watermelon and cleaned up a little in the kitchen.

Then he threw a box of books, cleared off a row of photos from a shelf, dumped the bag of empty aluminum cans. He banged his head and screamed and grabbed and tried to bite. While Jim stayed with him, I grabbed a red mat we had bought after consulting with Charlie's school and he went right to it and knelt, still screaming and crying and banging. But seeing the mat gave him a focal point and he calmed far faster than on Saturday. He sat for a long time in the brown chair, asking for a walk (we counseled 'later' but actually never went) and yelled 'Rocco Portia!'. The latter is a reference to Jim's brother-in-law and his dog, who used to (the dog, that is) terrify Charlie when she ran into his grandparents' house. Charlie cried. After almost an hour of sitting together, Charlie seemed ok and went upstairs.

He came down for a snack in between turning on the shower twice. At midnight, he turned on the shower again and the sound of the toilet flushing meant, he must be feeling better, finally. After using his iPad to watch some videos and 'type B' for a few rounds, he fell asleep.

And we were left thinking, best to skip the hamburger stand awhile. It was always a place fraught with memories: We went there at a time Charlie was having lots of difficulties in the public school special ed programs in our town. Or maybe the food always has given him stomach trouble (why he once threw the fries). Maybe that's another reaons why he's been unable to sleep for the past couple of weeks?



Brenda (mamabegood)

It's always a maybe.

I finally figured out that burger and fries upset Jack's stomach terribly. Though he never told me. Was able to put physical symptoms of reflux together with burger and fries. Finally.

Leaves out a lot of fast food places. So worth not having his tummy hurt.

Kristina Chew

Charlie only likes McDonalds and that hamburger stand. I think reflux is possible, thank you for noting that! I've seen the look on Charlie's face that I tried to describe before and I could definitely connect it to something like nausea. He ate lots of apple slices afterwards -- those have seemed to have a nice tempering, soothing effect lately.

I know what you mean about that 'finally.' And the 'maybe.'


I'm reading a book - not finished yet, so not sure if I can recommend it - called "Still Missing". It's fiction, about a woman who was abducted, and the book speaks to how apparently trivial experiences can be traumatic for someone who has experienced those situations with terrible consequences.

Personally, I can never eat a "denver sandwich" - really an omlette with peppers and onions - since once, at the age of 12, I threw up during a car trip after eating one.

I wonder if this is what is going on with Charlie - he remembers the bad experience he had long ago with that place. It's not that his stomach was upset now - but that it had been upset in the past (or something else that was terrible happened), and he's remembering this now. Maybe it's worse because he does like McDonalds and that he now worries that McDonalds will upset him.


Allergies another possibility, the pollen count has been really high; allergies can be painful (sinus headache) and have no symptoms associated with a cold (sneezing, coughing).
Another puzzle for Drs. Mom and Dad ~

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