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The Storm Passed and the Sea Calmed


In the past, after a big storm, Charlie has woken up still stormy and we've slugged through the day(s) together until things calm -- sometimes it has taken a week, plus.

Sunday he slept in till 10am. We all went on a walk, draggily. Then he called for a bike ride, off he and Jim went, I dashed to the store, Jim texted me Charlie was teary. Then Jim said Charlie had called to go to the hamburger stand they pass on the ride -- which we once used to go to all the time when Charlie was younger -- so he and Jim had burgers 'n' fries on the metal counter amid a number of bikers (of the other kind of bikes). Charlie cheered up.

Was it a sort of conciliatory, nostalgia gesture?

He was tired but gradually cheerier throughout the day. He seemed on the verge of a nap in the afternoon then woke after I made another fast dash to the pharmacy (it's only 3 minutes away). He wanted his favorite burrito and we got him one and then, after a walk, he must have run down the stairs from his room to check that I had indeed put his lunchboxes, with the juices, in the shelf on the refrigerator a half-dozen times at least.

When I called this morning that I saw the bus, Charlie ran out (in mid-processing mode) and stationed himself on the sidewalk, looking ardently up the street and he ran as eagerly on.




Glad to hear Charlie was feeling better today.

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