Night Owl in Stormy Weather
The end of the school year approaches and Charlie tries to hold on

Actually Typing B

The air is better today

A significant change in the barometric pressure made for much more easeful bike riding, walking and generally being on Wednesday.

After a walk (which involved getting sprayed by a sprinkler in the dark -- hey!), Charlie wanted to 'type B ocean' on his iPad. We did a few rounds of Teletubbies + word dictation and then I thought I'd try an actual type B.

'B-a-r-n-e-y o-c-e-a-n' I spelled out. Charlie typed, took a quick glance at the choices and then said 'type B ocean.'

Well, he had never seen a video -- does it exist? -- of 'Barney at the sea' (though there were those songs from the Imagination Isle CD about the sailor going to sea sea sea ). I dictated 'B-a-r-n-e-y r-a-i-n-b-o-w.' Charlie typed and looked at the screen and said 'bye bye mom.'

We could hear the familiar sounds (first heard ca. 1998) of Barney, Baby Bop, Michael, Tasha, Min and Cathy singing about shapes and all the colors of the rainbow.




Ha ha, just an FYI, we just go out "Barney's Let's go to the Beach" from the library (Barney has made a very unwelcomed come back in our home), so I guess in a way, that is Barney at sea, although the set is fake, of course!

Kristina Chew

That is too funny! (not Barney's reappearance in your household though). I am sure Charlie could tell Barney and the gang were still in the studio!

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