Ho Hum Holidays
Typing in His Very Charlie Way

Change, However Little, Is Always Felt


After a late morning walk (because Charlie slept in), I mentioned that he might leave his sweatshirt in the car when he and Jim rode bikes in Jersey horse country as it was going to be warm (88 degrees). The above photographic reveals Charlie was able to make the sartorial shift.

He did not do so on the two other walks and one bike ride (30 mile day) he did.

Little things seem t be causing Charlie the biggest disturbances. Friday he and his bike stood still in the street for 20 minutes because a cement truck was parked at a slant three houses down, as a neighbor was putting in a new walkway. They are very kind neighbors and, once Jim and I could see that Charlie was not budging with the truck in his way, asked the truck briefly to realign itself, till Charlie biked under the cement pouring shoot and down the street on his way.

On the way to and from the bike path, Charlie called for my parents. The second time, his distress deepened and he cried; I think he remembered they had been with us when we were last at the trail.

He held it together and then got the sads again in the evening. I sat at the bottom of the stairs in the brown chair and waited, Jim nearby.

Half an hour passed and Charlie called me up, wanting to type on his iPad. And a snack.


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