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Up Together (Updated after Charlie got a real sleep 2 nights in a row)

He has an audience


Charlie's blue blanket and yellow sheet were on his bed by 2am yesterday night(morning) but he was already thoroughly conked out on the blue couch.

He woke before 8am and waited for me to get up for a walk. Once back, he waited for Jim to get up and they went on their 12-mile bike ride.

After lunch, Charlie settled on the big brown chair and dozed off, his head lolled against the chair back until, 45 minutes having passed, he got up, stretched out on the blue couch and slept for about three hours -- just in time to wake and see Jim drive off to pick up my parents from the airport.

'Dad,' Charlie said a few times with an imploring look.

We kept the front door open and he stood at attention till Jim drove up with my parents, whom Charlie regarded somberly. Charlie said his his and stood still with his hands under his chin across from me as my parents went into the kitchen.

I noted that: Gong Gong was here, Po Po was here, Dad was here, Mom was here, and Charlie was here, Charlie repeating each phrase after me and then, for the first time, grinning.

I'm sure he feared that my parents showing up meant that I was to be off for Greece and that maybe Jim was going somewhere too. -- But no.

Two more walks and a bike ride later, Charlie fell asleep around 11pm. He awoke around midnight -- he did have a long nap in the afternoon so we've been anticipating a night up.

We may not (will not; are not) be sleeping but we are all together.

The next morning, 10am....Amazingly, given the experience of the past months, Charlie fell asleep after 1am on the couch and is still sleeping. Maybe he's been unable to sleep for the past several weeks (a month plus) in anticipation of my parents visiting? And fears that I was Greece-bound....



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