Charlie notices very fine details, when in place and askew

Praising Seemingly Nothing With Much Praise

Night ride with equipment

At about a quarter to 9pm on Sunday night, Charlie asked for a bike ride. Fortunately, we are accumulating a good bit of bike equipment, from bike lights to a bike bag for Jim's bike for a juice and water to reflective neon vests.

But even with all that paraphernalia, it is not possible to ride at night through the woods as Charlie and Jim do on their long local ride. The woods are dark, in a total kind of way.

Therefore, Charlie was displeased, even though he and Jim have done a woodless night right before. He moaned the rest of the ride (order distorted, rue the day) and I could hear him from across the street when they returned.

We also figured that Charlie must be tired after a morning ride (with woods and sunshine) and a strong wind and sudden rain shower ride in Liberty State Park. He had actually snoozed in his big brown chair, head lolling to the side, for over two hours on Sunday afternoon (so I wrote this, reflecting on my educational experiences).

With Charlie in groaning mode, and feeling the air pressure change as rain is predicted all this next week, Jim and I upped the 'positive reinforcement,' offering deep praise for seemingly ordinary effort. But the seemingly ordinary -- standing around -- can be extraordinary so often for Charlie, seeking to use all his resources to hold it together and not fling himself at a wall, or send the contents of a table flying with a swipe of his arm.

After ten minutes, he said 'bedtime,' and there followed much hasty and rather manic running up and down the stairs, chortling, checking the refrigerator for his two lunchboxes, all to the backdrop of the six Disney songs Charlie keeps listening to of late.

By 11pm he was -- shocker these days -- sound asleep and ready to be woken in time to catch the bus on Monday morning in the rain.

Into the wind


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