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The background to this post is the mysteries of male adolescence

Because You Can't Go 2 Days Without a Bike Ride

Until around 6pm on Saturday, Charlie said no to a bike ride.
He had slept in till almost 10am and he and I had walked in the seering morning heat. Waiting for my parents to arrive, his agitation was ever on the verge of erupting.
Finally, I set the timer to help him get through the last three hours, in the midst of which Jim went to the airport.
Charlie cried when my parents came in and was moody and weepy. I kept thinking his stomach must be in flux, with the heat and his nerves and from his demand to go, on the spot, to Jersey City for Vietnamese food.
His favorite restaurant for such is closed for vacation and it was too early to go anyways. After a lot of aggrieved looks, Charlie ate some crackers and apples and announced he was going to his room.
After a nearly two hour nap, he wanted that bike ride. He cried while getting ready, frowned as we all bid him off, was smiling and lively on the way home.



Aw. Isn't it hard to see our children, no matter what age, cry.

Mark Zulewski

Thank you for sharing

Mark Zulewski

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