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Archetypal Scene in the Bones

Rage and Then New Music

I put an Arcade Fire album on Charlie's iPad in January. He did not try once to listen to it till late Thursday night after a raging storm from 'the latest everything' -- lag from the previous day's great trip to friends in Yonkers, the blasting heat, my parents' imminent visit, the Wednesday holiday, the new classroom plus classmates and a great new teacher, not sleeping on Wednesday night -- kaboom on Thursday night. He was listening to bits of the same songs over and over and then we heard him banging the corner of his iPad on the wall. There was all the tough and messy stuff and a lot to put back in order.

He turned on the music as I was scrubbing the carpet. After all the raging he smiled and then suddenly wailed and Jim hurried back upstairs and then, new sounds playing, Charlie wearily slept.



Life Skills Teacher

I'm working on a transition skills project about communicating preferences by choosing things that don't upset you. It stalled last year because the data structures I was using weren't getting at the idea I wanted to look at. You've given me ideas about how to restructure it; hopefully we'll get off the ground this time. Thank you so much for sharing. It really does help all of us.

Kristina Chew

You're more than welcome, plus! Would love to know more about your project. When Charlie is as he was last night, he does tend to keep playing the same bits of music. It is very hard to get him to listen to something different and the music just seems to add to the agitation.

So often, things that he likes seem to evolve into becoming upsetting choices.

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