Because You Can't Go 2 Days Without a Bike Ride
Homeric Chariots and a Slightly Busted Batmobile

The background to this post is the mysteries of male adolescence

There were some whimpers (it it still hot just not as hot) but a Jersey horse trail bike path ride is always a good thing.

We're trying out some small measures to help Charlie not have too many 4am nights. I'm trying to figure out how to work things with the iPad -- Charlie does have a tendency, or need, to listen to Jimi Hendrix late at night and 'Voodoo Chile' isn't exactly a lullaby (though last night, around 11pm, he put on the ocean waves sounds after the Jimi album ended, and he did sleep).



My son has to have his radio on in order to sleep. He also has to turn his tv to the station that plays music. I don't know how he can sleep with both of them going, but he'll wake right up if one is turned off.

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