The Hours We Keep
A New Approach

A Total of 28 Miles

Sleep or no sleep, Saturday was a 28 mile day.

1 mile walk after Charlie woke at 9am.

16 miles on the Jersey horse country bike trail.

5 miles when Charlie decided he wanted to do his old long walk which takes us through some characteristically gritty Jerseyitude: railroad trestles, big parking lots with garbage in and out of dumpsters, rude drivers. (of course, Jim and Charlie are used to those from bike riding.)

On the last mile, Charlie called for a local bike ride then got teary. We talked about taking a rest at home and he got tearier.

But he did lie down in bed and looked as if asleep, and then we heard him get up. So the local bike ride did happen, followed by a trip to the store which was out of the favorite crackers (Charlie was ok with it and Jim chose a different box) and bed and a little more weepiness.

I ran up the stairs and said to Charlie, all his feelings are good (mad, sad, glad) and thanked him for telling us the full range.

Because you know, we're all going to feel cruddy, mixed-up and bad at times and it's all all right, and Charlie needs to know that.



Dixie Redmond

We are having similar conversations at our house.

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