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Aftermath or, After Getting All That Out

Perhaps someday we might rock the transitions rather than have rocky ones.

Charlie slept through the night Tuesday, after a series of nights of disordered sleep and no sleep. He got up for the bus and was still very tired at school, sleeping quite a bit there too but in a good mood. It took a few tries -- obviously Jim had reason not to notice things like nmes of streets while hanging onto a behavior storming Charlie -- but we located the scene of Tuesday's incident and spoke to the cars' owners (yes, it was two cars).

Jim really wanted to get Charlie to ride in a different direction and do the 12-miler but Charlie would not.

The ride went well.

In fact, after dinner, they went on another one, something they haven't done in awhile.

That meant they got in 12 miles.

Charlie did some hyper running and turned on the Pogues but at 10pm not midnight. He had the picture of the school bus on his iPad and I asked if he'd liked to see camp and he said 'camp' so I changed it. Gripping the iPad, he walked off, serious. Within an hour, he was asleep and again through the night.



I hope the car's owners are understanding. You don't need an angry, irrational person shouting at you for being unable to "control" Charlie.

Kristina Chew

Thanks! They were very kind about it; it was a college student whose car Charlie first banged on and she was in the car, and thought she might have hit him. She ran to get her dad and he got in his car and hurried after Jim and Charlie to see if Charlie was ok and Charlie banged on his car.... We really wanted to go and talk to them, for good relations and to explain. They might have needed all the explanations about Charlie's neurological functioning! But it was good to go.

He's ok. The reality is, he has a permanent callous on his forehead from all the banging. It was mitigated this time because he was wearing his bike helmet.

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