Passive Resistance, Of a Sort

Fight the Power (#FreePussyRiot, Take 2)

Advocacy. It's all about fighting the power, to me.

Or, fighting the orthodoxy and authoritarianism, as the case may be.

Or the hypocrisy -- the treacly 'we just want to do the best for him' pronouncements of school administrators have always, to Jim and to me, required deconstruction via sustained, feisty, argument.

Though too, I've also worked to fight the illusions and errors of my own thinking, such as my long-time criticism of the Big Autism Center until (talk about getting smacked up the side of your face by your own pride) it became the only option for Charlie and then one that he clearly liked and then one that we've all come to love. I dislike dishonesty and, especially after realizing how wrong I had been about the BAC, seek to wrestle my thinking, and actions, into full honesty. So of course I couldn't deal with belly dancing which while a cultural practice in some societies, smacks too much of the sexual objectification of women's bodies to me.

But if it had been belly dancing as ironic feminist praxis........

Feminist praxis and autism, autism advocacy, autism motherhood?

Now these are topics, unlike the dead horse of the vaccine issue, that have yet to be touched.

Charlie had his last day of camp Friday (kept it short as, after swimming, he pushed away at the counselors during a camp-wide party with a DJ and loud music) and returns to school in two and a half weeks, the day after the day after Labor Day. There will be at least two full mom 'n' Charlie (bikeless) days, one coming up next Tuesday. Since bike riding (like today's 12 mile Jersey City to Bayonne ride) comprises about 60 or 70% of not-in-school time for Charlie, there may be many moments ahead to mull over, or rather to see put into action, the above topics.

Feminism and mothering children with disabilities?

How do you as a woman assert your right to equal treatment, to equality, when you have no choice but to devote the lion's share of your time to that most traditional role of women, child-rearing?

I may never write more about any of this but I'm loving formulating these questions.



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