Fight the Power (#FreePussyRiot, Take 2)
In Mediis Rebus

Passive Resistance, Of a Sort

There's fighting the power in overt ways and there's an approach, learned via Charlie, involving seeming passive resistance that is calculated to move things forward.

That may not make sense so here's an example. On a Saturday evening walk after biking 22 miles with a cold (Charlie is one to insist), he stopped to do about twenty minutes of breathy noises and curious gestures. In earlier days we would have 'redirected' him but we have learned, he has a reason for doing it. So we just stood with him. I got several mosquito bites (we all got a few but bugs especially like me) and then we went home and Charlie, who is also contending with post-camp per-school vacation at home with dad less days (and his anxiety is linked to anticipation) went to bed. He had been up since 3 am.

At 3am Sunday morning, I heard him cracking his knuckles then turn on ocean waves and he must have gone back to sleep.

Letting be is not a bad, is a powerful, strategy.




No, oppressive summer heat.

Yes, cool breeze August.

Hoping for cool-breeze walks in the bike-less days ahead,

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