An Epic Day In Its Own Way
A second day passes sans bike ride

Shut-Inned Day

Serious contemplation

I think It may have been around 7am Thursday morning when Charlie actually slept after the to-do of Wednesday. He was out until 2pm, stayed groggily in his room until the evening and, somewhat surprisingly considering the rate of non-activity throughout the day, said yes to go to a local carnival. He was very pensive, still twisting his shoulders in a stim-way in line for the ferris wheel. But he did seem to like being there and to like a ride on the swings, albeit with one hand over his right ear due to the music emanating from the neighboring dragon coaster.

Then, Extreme Stim
in the kitchen and his bedroom and, given that he'd gotten up in the early afternoon, I'm not anticipating bedtime anytime before, oh, dawn. He did smile a bit in the latter part of the day (well, evening, as he wasn't awake most of the actual day).

Well, I do think he is sick and his being very quiet and all the breathy sounds and head-twisting are signs of a sore throat and maybe a cold sore in his mouth (I've been working on getting a look without irking Charlie by beaming a flashlight in his face). Jim and I both read up on side effects of his medications though there has been no change in any of those. There is a fifth one we give Charlie when we sense a behavior storm
on the horizon but he has had very little of it and at irregular intervals. It is the case that there have been periods in the past when Charlie's energy level was alarmingly low.

But then, he's so insistent on It Shalt Be The Same Things Done Day In And Day Out, to ride his bike in intense heat, downpours, hail and snow (not ice), in the dark (with bike lights), in traffic with rude drivers and dogs straining on their leashes in eager yapping. Perhaps he actually has needed a real rest (though he has continued to stand for long periods of time).

Also, since Charlie rarely goes anywhere besides school and home these days, I'm wondering if camp
, while turning out to be so positive, took a lot out of him, with being around many many kids and people he didn't know at all and mostly outdoors.

And, the Dadless day
, a harbinger of Jim and me returning to teaching after being home pretty much full-time since May. Charlie notices everything, including us shirking shorts for work clothes and the slightly higher intensity in the house atmosphere as we attend to thing like syllabi, student emails to get into closed courses (both Greek and Latin, now fancy that), reminders about department meetings etc..

With all this, it's been a great summer, together with and because of Charlie, as we keep saying.

We actually got out of the house after a day of total insideness..






Perhaps seasonal allergies are bothering him as well?

Kristina Chew

Yes! Another one to add to the list. He went to sleep at 2am -- sitting on his bed -- lying down now at 9.37 am and still asleep.

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