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Super Summer Day

Straight From Somewhere in New Jersey

Trooper that he is, Charlie got up to get in the white car on Tuesday and made it through the morning at camp, a rainfall notwithstanding (they still swam). After a here and there drive through New Jersey in pursuit of a shorter, more direct route home -- reminiscent of days gone by when we did lots of here and there drives in New Jersey -- Charlie went straight to bed and slept for 5 or 6 hours. He was very hungry on waking and we went to that faithful standby, the drive-thru line at McDonalds. He cracked a smile around 9.30 pm-ish, watched me cut up a watermelon, and was back asleep by midnight to the sound of ocean waves.

The day did have a feeling reminiscent of our beach house vacations of yore which would have been just around this very time of year.




Yes, camp!
This week only?

Kristina Chew

Alas, this Friday is the last day for the camp. Some of the kids have been there since June. I know college kids are going back to their dorms next week so I'm not surprised (Charlie's counselor is a college student). If only there were one more week!

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