Straight From Somewhere in New Jersey

Super Summer Day


Summer is not over yet and you never know what can happen but Wednesday the 15th of August was probably one of the best of our summer. (Yeh, watch the 16th morph into something memorable in a different way, ha.)

Charlie woke at 5am, we all walked at 7am, he dozed in the brown chair, we drove to camp and he cried a litte after first being dropped off then smiled and laughed and was discovered sitting at an assembly about fire safety with an earnest fireman braying (very good-heartedly) through a megaphone.

Late lunch, home, rest, drive to Liberty State Park and he and Jim were gone over two hours as they spent half an hour under a pavilion with two groups of two teenage boys as there was thunder and lightning and sheets of rain.

It was an hour 15 mile ride (all the way to Bayonne) with a view of the Bayonne Bridge Newark Bay NJ Turnpike Bridge and, declared Jim, among their all time top ten rides and consequently Charlie was smilingly content to stretch out in his room for the rest of the evening until going to sleep by 11 pm.




Love it! SOunds like a tremendous day! I so love the photo of camp, I found Charlie right away!! LOL Seems as though he was enjoying himself!


Hey Christina,
I remember seeing pictures of Charlie a couple of years ago. Now, he looks so tall!

Thank you for posting the article "Workers with Asperger’s and Autism Are Not Cheaper Labor". I have forwarded it on to folks here in Richmond, Va.


Kristina Chew

@Liz, Fabulous to hear from you! I need to write another post regarding the "Workers" post -- I talked to Chad Hahn of the company mentioned and found out a lot more. I have yet to do the update due to thinking I had lost my notes after my desk got very disorganized after Charlie had some trouble earlier this summer... long story!... got your email, will be in touch!

@Bonnie, Another great day at camp on Thursday! I think I may need to pinch myself to wake up.

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