A New Approach
Straight From Somewhere in New Jersey

We Make Up the Map As We Go

August allergies and the return of the nasty skin infection on his left cheek meant Charlie downed a fuller panoply than usual of pills (antibiotic, nurse-recommended acidophilus to counter antibiotic-induced stomach havoc, Advil which might bother Charlie's stomach but he's got quite a mess on his face and forehead from last week's close encounters of an auto kind so a parent must weigh evils) and spent almost two or maybe three hours in the evening standing in his room after a shower making breathy, raspy noises. Jim read the news and baseball scores after a slow, weepy boy bike ride and I read the Iliad and then, after 9pm, we made a grocery store run and it was like the late-night convenience and drugstore runs we used to do when we rented a beach house because it's the shore and it's vacation and everything is open late and everyone is out in flip flops.

Though Charlie did doze off during art, he had a great day at camp.



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