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iPad Experimentation (of a Safe Kind)

I looked at Charlie's iPad last night and realized that the icons for his music albums were all jumbled up. And, at least one-third were missing!

He had pointed to one of Jimi Hendrix and said 'I want.' It's not really clear what he means by that but, this time, by inspecting the iPad I was able to discover the disarray.

Since my Mac is mission control for Charlie's iPad, I restored all the missing icons and found that he had changed some of the controls.

Another instance of the iPad allowing Charlie a way to try things out on his own -- after which order can be restored.


Life Skills Teacher

Interesting perspective. I will be verey curious to see how my student responds after break when all the apps are restored to our classroom iPad. He spent the last several weeks deleting and rearranging things and laughing at us when we asked him not to.


I love the way you always think about things in terms of Charlie. You rock, KC!

Melissa Brooks

My daughter is like that with apps, she actually found a picture of a screenshot of her iPad, with an app on it she wanted, that wasn't on her iPad anymore and was trying to get me to press it and make it work, poor Abbey! Our kids are so smart! Thanks for sharing!! Here's my blog helping our little one with her iPad, mainly to communicate to us, , our latest blog was about teaching given opportunities!

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