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Gut Wrenched

Jesso, 'NO HOME,' Full Moon, 'JERSEY'

Jim always checks the brakes first.

After Charlie slept from 8 -- 11 am on Saturday, he and Jim did 16 miles at a manic pace. Oddly, Charlie did not want his habitual burrito on the way home. He and I did a walk and then he and Jim did a 6 1/2 local bike ride. The mania seemed to be loosening and Charlie seemed more cheerful and at ease. Then we got him a burrito, per his request, for dinner and he demanded 'NO HOME' on the way back, but did not say where he wantd to go so we went home, observing the fullness of the moon, and he said 'YES HOME' really loudly. He came to sit beside me on the old blue couch and between his patterned finger swiping across the iPad screen I saw him looking at a photo of the now-gone ocean front beach house we rented for two glorious years several summers ago, when Charlie was around 6 years old. 

I remembered Charlie had been watching the Teletubbies video of Jesso the Scotch terrier finding the beach ball: That one used to be his favorite (he would reenact with a toy dog and a ball) but he rarely watches it now.

He went up to bed at 9pm and wanted me to put on an old reddish ('purple' said Charlie) coat. I spread it over me but resisted his very insistent urge to put it on. He took the coat and grinned. He went to sleep and woke at 9am on a bright Sunday morning.

Jim recalled that, while he and Charlie were waiting in the car for me to bring the burrito, there was mention of 'Jersey' as in 'Jersey shore' -- not the silliness of 'reality tv' but the real thing, Charlie's.



You are loved.

Animita Saha

It's been a long time that I have not been able to read your blog but I am happy that I did today.
In the past I had mentioned to you that my son Anan who is a year older than your son (same birthday)is so similar in their attitude, behavior and love for music and bike.
Lamictal started about a year ago has changed his and or life. It was started for seizure which he developed a year ago but it changed his mood significantly as it is a medication for manic symptoms.
I will definitely recommend that you asked your doctor. He is on 200 mg twice a day but Charlie may not need that high dose as he does not have seizure.

Kristina Chew

Hi Animita,

We're going to the neurologist tomorrow and I'm going to ask. The manic symptoms can be overpowering for Charlie and I do think they play a part in his not being able to sleep.

The same birthday! Hope Anan is doing well. What kind of music does he like?

many thanks --

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