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Acceptance, Crisis and Extreme Love

Monday Night

Sunday night ended up being an all-nighter for Charlie who nonetheless was smiling broadly before boarding the bus on Monday morning. Parents Night was great; Charlie is in a class of 9, they have a lovely room with windows in the new wing of the Big Autism Center, Charlie has a mat-fortified corner to work in and be apart when over-stimulated and unable to participate in some of the group activities. He was asleep when I got home at 9pm only to awake an hour later. I gave him some melatonin after taking a hiatus of a few nights. I'm not sure if he will sleep but this could be another long night because my dad fell in his garage earlier Monday and hit the back of his head and fractured a vertebra and I'm checking for the messages from my mom, sister and cousins. And thinking a lot about my dad now in a hospital room in good old Oakland Kaiser where he used to work the late shift a few nights a week when we were little.




So sorry to hear about your dad's fall. Wish him and your family a smooth recovery and hope for no lasting effects.

Judy T

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for your dad. Being so far away can be tough.


Oh wow, sure hope your dad recovers quickly. Being unable to easily travel makes waiting for word from the hospital that much harder!

Kristina Chew

thank you thank you -- my dad had an MRI and he doesn't need surgery, 'just' rest and PT. been getting all kinds of group texts from different combinations of relatives.


No surgery, thankful.
Wishing your "paparazzi" a speedy recovery.

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