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A Non-Controversial Wednesday Passes

Not Sleeping But Sure Wanting To

He's got a 5 o'clock shadow

At 3am, after a night of snacking, video watching, lying down and seeming to be asleep as it was very quiet in his room, getting up and showering, more pacing -- Charlie started crying.

The insomnia was not new but getting upset was: We had Charlie sit in the chair after he asked for a walk and turned on the timer and he settled for a few minutes, then moaned again. Jim suggested 'bedtime' and up Charlie went, leaving the iPad on the floor, and went to bed.

He got up at 7am while I was out running. He was back in the brown chair as I opened the door, then transferred himself to the old blue couch. Extreme grogginess aside, he got up when I said 'socks' as the yellow of the bus had appeared, and got right on.

I think he might be coming down with the cold I have, as well as being on his 3 day no sleep-then sleep pattern. Also, I've been loathe to take the iPad from him at nights or insist on turning it off, with memories of taking away Barney, Alphabert and Charlie's Teletubbies videos still fresh. But Charlie, OCD-er that he is, is unable to resist turning off the iPad if he has it and Tuesday night he had gotten stuck on listening to avant-garde jazz violinist Sugarcane Harris: Great stuff, but not lullaby-ish, dulcet tones to sleep on (though Charlie has, once.)

But, I think it's good that Charlie was aware, perhaps, that he wanted to sleep but couldn't.


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