Praises Be
The Bad, the Good, the Miasma and Some Nostalgia

Pilot and Co-Pilot

The back of the black car was stuffed with two bins filled with branches and leaves, plus additional branches and leaves, so Charlie had to sit in the front seat to accompany Jim to the town drop-off-the-fruits-of-your-yard work site.

It does give the oft-sung (around here) lines 'talking man to man, talking son to son,' new meaning.

Jim encouraged Charlie to sit in the front seat of the white car -- more leg room -- but we weren't surprised when Charlie took his usual spot in the back. That has been his seat since the time we brought him back from the hospital in a pale green gown with his big head a-bobbing.



Catherine Emma Gibbons

My Charlie was not great in the car when younger and now the draconian local authority and care home have stopped me from taking him out to places on my contact visits. He was able to sit in the front seat from about age nine years old when I had to keep the lawnmower in the car for a couple of months until I had a new shed put up. He went downhill about the time my sister insisted on playing George's Marvellous Medicine very loudly all the way to the Lakes and also after we had argumentative support staff that reminded him of the noise at my sister's. Latterly he had a Crelling harness that my mum recommended and that I purchased to appease the local authority, however, with them sanctions just got upped and I never had a return to the earlier progress made before their uninformed strong recommendations.

Kristina Chew

We've had some scary moments in the car (including a broken window). Charlie has been doing a lot better though my husband and I constantly keep an eye on him in the back seat -- he's grabbed at us driving. We work on keeping things peaceful and quiet in the car. How is your Charlie doing with the local authority's latest sanctions?

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