First Day of School = Totally Anticlimactic
The Spirit of Anticipation

'Shopping Cart'

Day 2 of school was as pleasant in an anticlimactic kind of way as the first day and in contrast to the eve of the first day of school. As a friend reminded, lag is on the horizon, due to arrive around the middle to latter half of next week plus my parents are arriving for a visit Saturday, an occasion always evoking lots of emotions in Charlie. He was just this bit more anxious on Thursday night, wanting two walks nearly one after the other following a bike ride and saying 'shopping cart' on and off insistently -- am taking that phrase as a sign of unease and OCD compulsion portending the throwing of glass pie plates as once occurred in our friendly little local grocery store.

Chalie hasn't been there since and after he attempted the same on a class trip to a different grocery store, I still consider us 'on probation' from all grocery stores that sell kitchenware (just to be specific).

Or perhaps he is saying 'shopping cart' apotropaically, the way people wear the evil eye or an amulet?


Barbara @therextras

*smilng* I've had my vocabulary lesson for the day!

Keep those shopping carts away any way you can, Charlie!

Kristina Chew

So far, there was mention of 'shopping cart' with mostly grins tonight...

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