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The Bad, the Good, the Miasma and Some Nostalgia

The bad news is that Charlie has discovered he can bang his iPad on the ceiling of his room, due to his height (also indicated by a shallow hole he made in the wall by his door frame with his forehead). The hard corner of the iPad also gave that eggshell crack look to more of the wall.

The good news is, positive vibes and gentle praise helped him calm as he knelt on his bed.

The bad news is that it's 1.52 am and he's totally awake and a bit agitated again.

The good news is he's experiencing back-to-school transition anxiety the night before school, so maybe he'll have a better sleep at earlier hours Tuesday so he can catch the yellow school bus.

The bad news is I have my four in a row classes starting at 8am in just 6 hours.

The good news is I could teach elementary Latin and ancient Greek right now or, really, at any moment of the day or night. Indeed, I could teach Latin sleepwalking, including explaining the Roman calendar. Also, we are talking about the Minoans in Greek history class and I have presentations from last semester's archaeology class, slightly revised, to use, and video clips. Some students will say 'we've seen these before'; tant pis! and Google Docs is (are?) my friend.

The bad news is tomorrow, which is today, is the day after Labor Day so there will be extra commute traffic and I should leave early. Yeh, hahahahahahaha.

More good news! After a home six-miler, we lunched, hung out (Charlie dozed in the brown chair which is one reason he is still awake but I was able to get some writing done and I'd rather to have done it then than now) and drove to central Jersey and Jim and Charlie did 13 miles on a canal trail. They were (Jim recollected) the only bike riders, encountering a range of scientist-types and walkers and dog-walkers in light rain. As Jim and Charlie rode through the sprawling central Jersey town we first lived in when we came back here after our Midweatern idyll -- Charlie has been mentioning the great Miss Kathy, his second teacher in Jersey, lately -- and as we stopped briefly in Jim's college town and skirted the borders of mine (that mossy feel in the air in September makes me feel it is time to drag my book boxes out of the dorm basement and scrub out my latest room), there was quite a bit of nostalgia for all and maybe that weighed us down with its miasma.

So that would be bad news but really good and bad, the way nostalgic thoughts of things that were and are no more (not that they were necessarily that great) can be.

Appropriate that Charlie is now watching Barney, his very old friend, and I'm reading Herodotus, whose History was the first ancient Greek text I read after making it through all that wonderful grammar.



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