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Tornado Just Passed Through

He was in motion while seated.


Charlie stayed up all night on Friday!

At 7am, we all went for a walk. I think he'd wanted it earlier (3am) and it's a great thing that he could wait. He passed the time in his room, walking on the stairs, in the hallway, running into the kitchen. 

Once back from the walk, he went right up to his room and fell asleep with his shoes still on at 8am.

By noon he was up and wanted lunch. Once back, he was game for a bike ride with Jim and they did a good and steady pace.

The wind had been picking up all day. Some raindrops fell as Jim and Charlie took a spin in the black car to drop off some old clothes at a Salvation Army bin. They came back, Charlie sat in his chair and we learned that my parents' plane would be delayed. Charlie sat in his brown chair, Charlie got up, Charlie sat, Jim suggested another ride in the black car and out they went.

They measured the distance of their local bike ride and discovered that it's not 6 miles but 7 1/2!

In the meantime, we learned that, due to a tornado on the way (if not touching down), my parents' plane had been diverted to Syracuse. No idea when it would arrive.

Charlie said 'yes' to a fast trip to the local McDonalds (really local, as in 5 minutes away). He didn't eat any of it in the car.

We went for a walk with a cheery Charlie, especially when we passed through a block party on a block of our street (not our block). Kids whizzed by on automated scooters and music blared from a speaker. 

Rain drops were falling as we were almost home. 

One online source told me me my parents' plane was due at 9.57 pm so I set Charlie's timer for 4 hours -- better to overdo it then under. He sat in the brown chair, got up to give Jim the key, sat in the chair, went to the kitchen to heat up something to heat and work through a pack of sushi.

At 7.10pm I discovered my parents' plane was landing at 7.35pm. Still left the timer running as is.

Jim went to the airport and Charlie, who was smiling and cheerful, sat in the front window and waited and remained smiling and cheerful when my parents came in and darted up to bed. 'Gingerbread boy' has become the new 'type B ocean' equivalent so we did that. He frowned but I think he was tired, for understandable reasons.

Yes, he's still sleeping now at 9.31 am Sunday morning.

Yes, I think he couldn't sleep on Friday because he could feel the storm coming.



Yay grandparents!

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