The Search For the Historical Charlie
Gutted Out

1 Day, 30 Miles

Bike 20.2 miles on the central Jersey canal path, walk at a fast clip over two miles, bike 6 1/2 miles and it all adds up.

No, Charlie wasn't playing hooky; he had Monday off due to Indigenous Peoples' Day though I am doubtful that's what kids around here are taught to call it. The day off meant he was able to sleep in after which he was raring to go in the white car down the Parkway, bikes strapped on tight.

He dozed off for a good hour in the late afternoon but still went to bed and sleep by 10.30pm.

If he sleeps through the night (even till 4am), I may be able to talk about ancient Greek coinage and the foundations of Athenian democracy with not so bleary eyes. Yes, I'm shocking myself just at the thought.



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