Letting Go of the Albatross, or Trying To
Gloria and Marathon

Anxiety, Thy Name Is Charlie Fisher

Difference a day makes.

I guess I have to say, Charlie loves his bike rides so much, thrives on them and the companionship with Jim, that the thought of a Wednesday without them has become too much, to the tune of it took me almost till midnight to clean up a living room strewn with books, puzzle pieces, old CDs, game pieces, life's detritus. Jim had to get through more students' papers and attended to Charlie's forehead.

It would seem, Charlie does not get used to anxiety, he absorbs it and it grows (like Fama in Book I of Virgil's Aeneid) by leaps and bounds so it's far, far huger and out of control.

Working on a way to rerhink Jim's long Wednesday teaching days because a bellyful of anxiety is a lot for our boy, especially when his stomach is already tied in a knot.



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