Anxiety, Thy Name Is Charlie Fisher
At Vigil

Gloria and Marathon

As you've no doubt noticed, posting times, and posting generally, here have become erratic. The reason is, as routinely noted because it is become the new normal, Charlie's erratic and minimal sleep schedule. My long-time (since I started blogging about him in 2005) tenet has been to do so after his day was over and he was sleeping. Since the latter has been happening at very late/early hours, with day often flowing into night blurring into the next sleepy day, the old habit of sitting down at night to collect my thoughts about the day hasn't been occurring.

For a moment, i felt a reference to Catullus carmen 5 coming on, soles occidentes et redientes etc.

Back to the boy.

Those hormones, "raging male variety," are definitely a reason for this latest round of no-sleep.

Jazzing things up a bit, Charlie has chosen this occasion to start listening to Van Morrison, 'Gloria,' 'Brown-eyed Girl' and so forth.

Jim came home as promised at 10.35 pm and is, after a full full day of teaching and meetings, worn out.

My mind is scitter-scattering between Chinese dissident writers and the start of the Persan Wars: I always feel bit of a thrill reading about the Battle of Marathon and I really do love Herodotus, a good companion on any day or long, unending night.




Kristina, Could Charlie be sleeping at school?
Does his IEP include rigorous, daily exercise such as running, bike riding?
Pesky hormones.

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